HDTV Antenna,Indoor Amplified TV Antenna 50 Miles Range with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster Highest Performance Cable

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Manufacturer Description


1. Reception Range: 50 miles

2. Working Frequency : VHF(172-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-860Mhz) 

3. Current Consumption : 20mA

4. Operation Temperature : -45 ~ 85?

5. Storage Temperature : -45 ~ 85?

6. Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p/ ATSC

7. VSWR : ?1.5

8. Impedence : 75 ?

9. LNA Gain : 25dB

10. Connectors : F Male 

11. Size:330*300*0.6mm

12. Cable : 1.5C-2V / Black L=4M

13. Polarization ? Linear

14. Voltage : 5V

15. Power Supply Connector : USB

How to install: 

1.Place the leaf in a desired location 

2.The antenna plug into the power supply, the power indicator light is bright to confirm, ensure the antenna power supply is normal. 

3.Assembled antenna, the wire connection between tuner and set-top box, turn on the TV and set-top boxes switch, according to the instructions on the remote control, turn on the TV menu page. 

4.To confirm the signal quality and signal strength and then slowly rotate the angle of antenna, the rotating antenna signal intensity reached the highest. 

5.Press confirm scan for channels in your television menu to search all the TV programs. 

6.When the TV programs are very clear you can put the leaf fixed. 

How do you do when the signal not good? 

You need to inspect antenna whether to normal power supply. Adjust the aerial's position and direction for the best reception, then research the channel. 


1. Please find out channels available in your area via the websites: dtv.gov/maps; antennaweb.org. 

2. For optimal use, please monthly rescan TV channels. 

3. To get strongest signal reception, please place the antenna on the window without obstacles such as big trees, buildings or hills outdoors. 

Product Features

?Ultra-HD Indoor TV Aerial? Merdumia Indoor TV Antenna is a receiver that can receive local free channels. If the operation is correct, this can help you save a lot of TV! Such as local news, weather, sitcoms, children and sports programs, educational programs, etc., which are absolutely free. ?High-Performance Ultra-Thin Design? Slim, soft and lightweight, you can hide it behind the TV, flat on the table or stick it on the window (highly recommended). It will pull hundreds of clear numbers and HD display! ?13.2ft Coaxial Cable and USB Power Supply? Long coaxial cable can easily place the home antenna at the best reception point. The antenna can be powered by the socket or the USB port of the TV. Please Notice: Keep the indoor antenna away from high-power equipment, such as air conditioning, refrigerators and microwave ovens; If the external amplifier can not receive the signal, remove the antenna amplifier and try again. ?50 Miles Above All-round Reception Range? Upgraded version antenna amplifier to enhance better signal from the TV antenna. Operating frequency: VHF 47-240MHz, UHF 470-860MHz. Channel reception may be different by your area, distance from radio tower, terrain and surroundings. Before you buy, please visit www.antennapoint.com or antennaweb.org to check how many radio towers around your area at 50 miles and visit http://dtv.gov/maps for the number of available channels at 50 miles. ?If your indoor TV antenna does not work properly, try the following tips? 1. Check to ensure that the antenna is properly connected to an HDTV or a third party HD receiver; 2. Re-scan the channel: In the TV's setup menu, set the mode to indoor antenna or air. For more information, see the TV manual; 3. Reposition the amplifier antenna in a different location. It is recommended to place it on the wall or near the window. Sometimes moving a few feet may make a difference.

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