JVC DRMV1S Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder and VCR Combo , Silver

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Manufacturer Description

DRMV1S DVD Unit with recording capability with VHS Progressive, Dual Tuner Recording Capabilty ( Silver )

Merging operationally independent DVD and VHS videocassette recorders/players in one space-saving component, JVC's DR-MV1S is a must for 21st-century media mavens. You get hassle-free, 1-touch dubbing from VHS to DVD or from DVD to VHS tape (where Macrovision copy protection allows) and the ability to record to DVD while playing a VHS tape--or to record to VHS while playing a DVD. With its 2 NTSC tuners, you can even record 2 different programs simultaneously: one to DVD and the other to VHS. For the first time, progressive-scan video outputs extend to both DVD and VHS playback via JVC's VHS Progressive technology, which upconverts VHS material to 480p resolution. Progressive scanning, referred to as 480p for the number of horizontal lines that compose the video image, creates a picture using twice the scan lines of a conventional DVD or VHS picture, giving you higher resolution and sharper images while eliminating nearly all motion artifacts.

With its front-panel inputs and multiformat recording and playback, the DR-MV1S is perfect for archiving home videos. For DVD recording, the unit can record to DVD-RAM, DVD-R, or to video-mode DVD-RW, letting you pick the format that's best-suited to a given application. As a player, it handles everything from VHS and multiple DVD formats (including DVD+R/+RW) to VCD/SVCD to recordable CDs filled with MP3 music files and JPEG digital images. And, to simplify advance recordings, the unit comes with VCR Plus+ and a 1-month, 8-event scheduler.

DVD-R is like a higher-capacity CD-R--and almost as widely playable. DVD-RW is rewriteable up to 1,000 times, and--like DVD-R--offers the widest compatibility among existing DVD players and computer drives. Rewriteable discs are superb for time shifting your TV viewing, since you can use the same disc week in and week out. DVD-RAM (DVD random-access memory) is a rewriteable format that uses magneto-optical (MO) technology to offer superb access times, making it great for on-disc non-linear editing. The DR-MV1S lets you fast-forward, rewind, and play a DVD-RAM disc even as you're still recording a program in progress.

Blank DVD media comes in 2 capacities: single-sided, 4.7 GB (holding about 17 times as much as a CD and around 2 hours of high-quality audio and video) and double-sided, 9.4 GB.

The DR-MV1S offers several technical features to boost image quality, including JVC's Super MPEG encode pre-processor, a 3-step process that takes place before MPEG-2 encoding of a given input signal. A time-base corrector eliminates jitter, a frame synchronizer provides frame normalization, and motion-active noise reduction provides a clearer image than do conventional frame-noise reduction techniques (such as 3D noise reduction).

Super MPEG Post-Processor enhances playback image quality through block noise-reduction circuitry. Color DigiPure provides 3D noise reduction along with color and detail enhancement, and Hadamard noise reduction eliminates so-called mosquito noise.

Conveniences include live memory, which allows fast forwarding, rewinding, and slow replay even during recording (DVD-RAM only), and DVD Navigation, which stores information for around 1,300 recorded programs. Navigation data includes disc number, title, and other details. Load a disc, and DVD Navigation will display a thumbnail of recorded programs to help you easily identify content. The thumbnail image can be animated with sound when selected with the cursor.

Other DVD features include quick skip for skipping 30 seconds forward, instant/one-touch replay that replays the last 7 seconds of a given program, natural reverse playback, and a multi-brand remote control.

Connections include an IEEE to i.LINK (DV) input for direct digital connection with a compatible camcorder; front and rear S-Video and composite-video inputs with accompanying stereo analog audio inputs; video outputs for component-video, S-Video, and composite-video; and one each optical and coaxial digital-audio outputs for Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1-channel passthrough to a multichannel audio/video receiver and speaker system.

Product Features

DVD recorder/player with built-in VCR with VHS Progressive upconversion of tape sources to 480p output Motion-adaptive Digital Direct progressive-scan DVD-video output for use with high-definition and HD-ready TVs DVD recording formats: DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW (VR & video format) 1-touch dual-direction dubbing from VHS to DVD and from DVD to VHS; offers DVD playback during VHS recording and vice-versa Playback formats: DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW/-R, CD, VCD, CD-R/-RW, MP3 CD, JPEG digital still playback (CD-R/-RW)

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