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Manufacturer Description

Although the technology only arrived in the early 2010s, it nevertheless has already been incorporated on numerous LED LCD and plasma television models by various manufacturers. There are a multitude of companies producing 3D TVs, with each company producing multiple models. It seems clear that the future of 3D will be long-lasting and fast-paced.
3D TVs deliver three-dimensional video in one of two ways: Active 3D and Passive 3D. There are differences in the technology, In general, LG and Vizio largely manufacture passive 3D TVs, while Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung are primarily focused on manufacturing active ones. There is, of course, some crossover, with many companies producing both passive 3D and active 3D TVs.
The Technological Difference Between Active 3D and Passive 3D
It's important to have some understanding of the technology in question. Technically speaking, LED LCD and plasma TVs enhanced with 3D don't really produce 3D at all; rather, they "trick" the viewer's brain into thinking that he or she is witnessing 3D. In actuality, 3D works by making use of the concept of stereoscopy: the technique for creating apparent 3D by displaying video slightly differently to each of the viewer's eyes.
When it comes to the finer points of the technological differences, the following can be said: Active 3D glasses use active liquid crystal shutter glasses that close and open their lenses at a very fast rate. This rapid active-shutter speed gives the user the illusion of 3D. Passive 3D glasses have no moving parts and instead work by incorporating different polarized lenses in the left and right side of the glasses. Passive 3D glasses are the type of glasses found in most 3D movie showings in the U.S. For those who aren't fans of the glasses, glasses-free 3D exists in the market but the technology is still evolving. For now, embracing the glasses in order to enjoy 3D at home is the way to go.

Product Features

• FINALLY! 3D VIEWING, EVERYWHERE: Gone are the days were 3D glasses were heavy and bulky. Nowadays, 3D technology is everywhere: incorporated in your favorite console games and even your TV! Enjoy seamless 3D viewing with Rugged Comfort's 3D glasses! • EXCEPTIONALLY DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: Gaming and watching movies should - no, must! - be a 100% fun experience. Our 3D glasses rest comfortably on your ears, without causing you headaches or pain and help you fully immerse yourself into the experience! Made of sturdy, superior quality materials, these 3D glasses will last you for years! • THE PERFECT PAIR OF PASSIVE 3D GLASSES: No need for electrical outlets, adapters or chargers! Just slip on these glasses and INSTANTLY enjoy any 3D graphics! These glasses are perfectly portable, so you can ensure 3D viewing comfort at the movies or while at a gaming party over a friend's house! • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PASSIVE 3D TVs: No need to worry, we've got you covered! Our amazing 3D glasses are compatible with ALL passive TVs, regardless of their brand, for eg. Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and many more! Buy with confidence! • STUNNING VALUE PACK & SUPERB MONEY BACK POLICY: We offer you an amazing pack of 5 pairs of 3D glasses at an unbeatable price! We are confident you are going to fall in love with your comfortable 3D viewing experiences. However, should you be, for whatever reason, unsatisfied with your purchase, we offer you a 60-DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked! Click Add To Cart Now And Get The Best Passive 3D Glasses On Amazon!

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