PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter - High End Phono Preamplifier and Analog to Digital Converter

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Manufacturer Description

Take the best analog phono preamplifier we know how to make, combine it with a state-of-the-art Analog To Digital Converter, place them both in a hand crafted chassis, add a massive power supply, provide fully balanced class A analog outputs as well as multiple digital outputs including DSD and PCM and you have the NuWave Phono Converter. Our expertise comes from building purist analog phono preamplifiers since 1974 and, in 1985, inventing and delivering the first high-end audio DAC in our industry. And it is with this background of design experience and innovation that we address today's need for a no-compromise device that bridges the gap between the very best analog and digital audio systems. The PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter. Use the NPC as your analog source feeding any DAC or preamplifier. Archive your analog collection of vinyl, tape or simply enjoy your records without compromise. Analog, DSD, PCM, the NPC has it all. - - - Full featured Analog to Digital Converter; Full featured Class A analog phono stage; High resolution balanced or single ended analog outputs for phono; High resolution asynchronous DSD and PCM outputs from A/D; Stereo analog input from any source such as a tuner; 1 stereo phono input; Accepts low output moving coil cartridges (0.3mv); Moving magnet cartridges; Passive RIAA curve; Resistive cartridge load selector; Mono or stereo select; 100% pure analog path for the phono stage; Gain select from the front panel; Asynchronous digital output to 192kHz 24 bit; Asynchronous DSD output at 64X and 128X; Polarity invert function; XLR, RCA analog outputs; S/PDIF, I2S, USB digital outputs; 80kHz bandwidth on A/D Converter; A/D sample rate 352.8kHz; DoP protocols for DSD; Massive power supply; Front panel OLED display; RIP to either Mac or PC in DSD or PCM; Build a library of your vinyl, tape or from radio broadcasts; Record live events or even studio work without compromise; Play live into any DAC with DSD or PCM

Product Features

SEAMLESSLY BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ANALOG AND DIGITAL - With the NPC it is now possible to keep a high-end DAC as the heart of your system and play vinyl as well as any analog source without compromise. Or, if you prefer, you can place the NPC in an all analog system and use its digital feature set just to record and catalog your vinyl. The NPC is right at home in either setup, analog or digital. EXCEPTIONAL FEAT OF ENGINEERING to ensure flawless, open, and dynamic presentation of any musical source connected to it. Whether you want to play the best sounding vinyl LPs or analog sources through your preamplifier or DAC, or if you wish to start building a library of analog sources in your computer, then the PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter is exactly what you want. MAINTAIN THE PURITY AND UNIQUE CHARACTER OF YOUR VINYLS - Record or listen to your vinyls perfectly in DSD or PSM with zero loss. Unique to the NPC is our design philosophy of isolating and separating the analog and digital paths within the device. This means that the phono preamplifier built into the NPC is a balanced, class A phono stage from input to output. We keep the vinyl amplification chain, including the RIAA curve, completely analog, the way LPs were intended to be reproduced. CHOOSE THE PATH FOR YOUR NEEDS - If you choose the digital path for your analog inputs, it is not only possible, but actually amazingly good to simply play vinyl LPs and analog sources of all kinds directly through your system's DAC. For the first time, a high-end turntable or tuner setup is just another input on your D to A converter and you'll be amazed at how great this sounds. AMPLIFY YOUR MUSICAL EXPERIENCE - The analog phono preamplifier we've designed in the NPC is the finest we've built in the 40+ years we've been building them. Phono cartridges the NPC will work with range from a high output moving magnet or ceramic with up to 220mv output, to a delicate low output moving coil cartridge with as low as 0.3mv out. This is an extremely useful range of outputs that can be selected from the front panel display in 3dB increments.

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