Receiver or amplifier cooling fans with thermoswitch & multi-speed fan control

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This cooling system has two high-quality, low-noise 80mm fans, with long-lasting and quiet Fluid Dynamic bearings.

It includes a thermoswitch module, which turns the fans on at approximately 82F. The thermal sensor's air-collection cup gathers hot air as it rises, to get an accurate measurement of the temperatures inside your component.

Each fan unit has a specially-constructed raised air-chamber base that enlarges the area of air flow, while also sealing air and preventing vibrations. The air-chamber base covers twice the area of a standard fan.

The system has a multi-speed power transformer, which plugs into an AC outlet. You control the speed of the fan, using this transformer, which can be set to any one of 5 different speeds.

THE COOLING SYSTEM INCLUDES: 1 x dual-80mm (two fans) component fan unit, 1 x thermoswitch module, 1 x multi-speed power transformer, and printed installation instructions. All cooling system parts connect together using special heavy-duty Molex quick-connect plugs, which allows the parts to be separated for easy wire-routing.

SETUP: The system comes completely assembled, with all components installed, wired and ready to go! Just plug the power transformer into an AC outlet, and drop the fans and sensor on top of your receiver's top air vents.

GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can return the system for any reason within 30 days -- just contact me (through Amazon) and I will send you a prepaid shipping label. Since starting in 2005, AV Cabinet Cooling has sold over 10,000 cooling systems, and we are dedicated to great customer service.

WARRANTY: Your purchase is also covered by a 12 month parts & labor warranty.

Product Features

These two high-quality, super low noise 80mm fan units are designed sit on your component's top air vents. Each fan has a special raised air-chamber base, which covers nearly twice the area of a standard fan. A vortex of air is pulled out of the top of your component over the full area of these raised bases. The cooling system includes a thermoswitch module, which turns the fans on at approximately 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Just place the thermoswitch heat collector over a warm spot on top of your component's air vents, and it will do the rest. You control the speed of the fans, with the multi-speed power controller. Even at medium speeds settings, the fans will replace a volume of air equal to that of most components several times per minute. Recommended fan speeds for this system: The two fans (running together) are rated at 13db while moving 31 cubic feet of air per minute at 1/2 speed, or 16db & 41CFM at 2/3 speed. With component cooling, slow (and quiet) are the way to go! Other available speeds: 1/4 speed = 10db/16CFM, 3/4 speed = 19db/46CFM, full speed = 22db/62CFM. Each fan unit is 4-3/4" square, 1-1/2" tall (including the top grill and air-chamber base), and only requires 3/8" of space above the fans for air flow.

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