TV Antenna-50 Mile Range with Detachable Amplifier, HDTV Indoor Antenna for High Reception Homeworx Antenna for TV - 10ft Coaxial Cable

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Tanker 50 Mile Range Amplified TV Antenna with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster for High Performance and 10ft Coaxial Cable(Black)

Indoor HDTV Antenna Features:
Range: 50 miles with amplifier
Connectors: F Male,Voltage:5V
Power supply connector: USB(Power adapter is not included)
Frequency: VHF47-240Mhz UHF470-862Mhz
Material: Optimal Aluminum Foil

Easy Installation
STEP 1: Stick the TV indoor antenna on the window/wall/lay flat on the table
STEP 2: Connect the HD antenna to 'ANT IN' on the back of any digital-ready TV or the set-top box.
STEP 3: Scan Channels by selecting 'Menu' then 'Channel Search' and enjoy your free TV.

Check your distance to the broadcast tower then decide to use the amplifier or not.
50 mile range indoor HDTV antenna works best in 35 to 50 mile to the broadcast tower
35 Mile Range digital TV antenna works best within 35 mile to the broadcst tower
This is an amplified HDTV antenna. If a signal cannot be received with the external amplifier, remove the amplifier and try again.
It is suggested to place the amplified TV antenna higher on a wall or closer to a window. Sometimes moving a few feet can make a difference.

30 Days Money Back and 12 Month Warranty
If you have any issue with our TV antenna,pls contact Tanker customer service immidiately

Product Features

Tanker HDTV INDOOR ANTENNA: Are you ready to ditch your cable or satellite service once and for all? Our indoor amplified antenna can save you a lot of money. Never pay for your precious television stations ever again. This antenna, will definitely save you time, energy and of course money! No more careless spending, since this antenna can provide everything you need for free! LTRA SLIM DESIGN & EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Who needs a bulky antenna covering up your whole living room? Not us, that's for sure. Tanker has designed a super slim like leaf antenna that is lightweight as well. Just stick it to a window since it's moisture and sunshine resistant and it will do its job while you are lying on your comfortable sofa! FULL HD - 50 MILE LONG RANGE ACCESS: At first, please visit "" or "" check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 50miles, Suport Format: 720p, 1080i, 1080p & Frequency Range: VHF 47-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz. OPERATION CORRECTLY: At first, set up according to the manual, you should make sure you have connected the antenna correctly to HDTV (TV with Digital box). And then put the antenna to a higher location like on the wall, better close to the window and no obstacles between your home and Towers, and keep re-scan channels after moving the antenna. Sometimes moving a few feet can make big difference. 30 DAY BACK MONEY GUARANTEE - 12 MONTH WARRANTY : Please rest assured that you have made the right purchase. Our digital indoor antenna is perfect for you. Should you experience any issues with reception or bad signaling feel free to contact us and get a refund (within 30 days after the purchase). We are pretty confident about the quality of our antenna that is why it comes with a 12 month warranty.

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